The pre jury

The pre jury consists of four members:
Susanna Eken, Associate Professor at The Royal Danish Academy of Music and the Opera School in Copenhagen.
Lisbeth Balslev, Opera Singer.
Stig Fogh Andersen, Opera Singer, Opera Director.
Poul Elming, Opera Singer, Founder of The Lauritz Melchior International Singing Competition.

Distribution of the audition material
Distribution and mailing of the audition material to the pre jury will be managed by the day-to-day Management Staff of the LMISC

The review period of the pre jury
The pre selection is done by blind listening. 

The voting procedure of the pre jury
The voting of the pre jury is done by points and participation in the preliminary round will be decided on the basis of the total number of points given.

The pre jury as judges
Furthermore, the pre jury will function as judges at the preliminary round and the quarter-final

Det Obelske Familiefond - William Demant Fonden - Spar Nord Fonden - Knud Højgaards Fond - Augustinus Fonden

 Dronning Margrethe og Prins Henriks Fond - Gudrun og Palle Mørchs mindefond - Louis-Hansens fond - Toyota-Fonden

 Kong Kristian d. Tiendes Fond - Solistforeningen af 1921 - Aalborg Opera Festival - Musikkens Hus - - Ulla Schønnemanns Tegnestue - Tech-Tool



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